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When serving wine what kind of glass should you use?

Tulip-shaped or steam glasses allow you to swirl, tilt and get at the bouquet effectively, improving your ability to appreciate the wine. In order to do this, fill your glass to no more than one-third full. The extent to which a wine releases its aromas depends on the shape of the glass. The proper glassware will allow you to appreciate the wine much better.

What is the proper temperature to serve wine at?

Serving wine at the right temperature is important and can make all the difference. However it depends on personal preference for the temperature. When serving white or red wines, you want to make sure the wine is chilled. For white wines it should be at 55°, sparkling 50°, and for red wines at 65-70°. However, the finer the wine the less it will need to be chilled.

What is the proper order to serve wines?

When serving wine, serve dry wines before sweet wines. Serve white wines before red wines. Serve light wine before heavy wine. Serve lesser wine before finer wine and serve young wine before old wine.

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