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If you are in a wine shop you should follow the next guide lines:
More and more people today are discovering the joy of drinking wine. The best way to start drinking wine is to visit a store that specializes in wine and has a knowledgeable staff that can answer your questions and give you good recommendations. Like The Wine List of Summit ask for Just in, Good Juice Selections, Sommelier Selections and Hot Spots.

When you come to our wine store; The Wine List of Summit we have Sommeliers (Wine experts) on the floor at all times. Tell us what you usually like to drink and we will do a quick flavor profile. We have a talent for understanding your taste buds. Flavor profiling is our way of getting acquainted with your palate and pleasing you with recommendations that live up to your demands.

If you are in a Restaurant you should follow the next guidelines:
You don't need to know everything about wine (and who does?) to get to a wine you'd enjoy with your food. First, it's a good idea to ask if any of your party has a preference for white or red. This can be illuminating, as some people will only drink one or the other. Next, a good rule of thumb if you're not certain is to choose a wine at a price you're happy with. In a new restaurant I usually opt for a mid-price wine or will even try their house wine as I think it's a fair guide to how good the place is, unless I'm sure of what I want to drink on that particular occasion. It's a safe bet to stick with familiar names if you see one- they're the most popular.

If in doubt, always ask the wine waiter, Sommelier or whoever handed you the wine list. Don't forget to tell them what style you'd like, how dry, or spicy, strong flavor or delicate, etc or ask what they think would go well with the food. For more information, check out our Food Pairings.

Remember!! Always keep this in mind, if you ask for recommendations and you do not like the wine, you can always send it back. The pressure is on the Sommelier or sales person.

The Year (Vintage)
For most new world wines, the year makes little difference; the weather is more consistent and the wine-making methods are standardized. As for the French, well, you can keep an encyclopedia in your pocket or your head, but not everyone knows or wants to know that the 96 Beaujolais cru should be better than the 98 because it rained a lot in 98 (too much water in the grapes). So make it easy on yourself and either disregard the vintage or ask your friendly wine waiter for a recommendation or description.

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