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What makes a wine "better quality" than another?

Wines should be judged by many other factors not just based on reviews. There are two main factors that can affect the quality of wine. The way the grapes are grown and then how they are made into wine. Viticulture is the way in which grapes are grown. Certain factors can make a difference in the quality of fruit, such as keeping the vine disease free. Another key factor is harvesting only the ripest grapes and delivering them immediately to the winery. By delivering the grapes immediately to the winery it reduces the amount of contact with air which causes oxidation and can then spoil the wine’s flavor.

How can you spot the quality of wine?

It is very difficult to spot the quality of wine just by reading the label. Our shelf-talkers will guide better for the best decition. Quite often you won't be able to taste a wine before buying unless you come and see us on Saturdays 12-5pm we always have at least 4 wines for you to taste. Satuday Tastings New world wines usually do not have many laws that apply to quality, Wines produced in Europe have laws that forces them to produce better wines.

World Table And Quality Wine Categories

  1. USA
  2. Argentina
  3. Chile
  4. Uruguay
  5. Mexico

Is price important in determining how good the wine will be?

Price will reflect age, rarity and if the wine comes from a predominantly famous producer. Price is also an indication of quality when similar wines are being compared. More importantly then price is the knowledge one has about wine and wine producers.

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